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A friend my mine recommended as a place where I can get my paper done at a reasonable price. He said that the quality of writing was good as well, stating that his paper was on time and didn't need much in a way of fixing. I decided that I would give a chance since I trusted my friend and needed my paper done soon. I took a look at what's at offer and found all sorts of academic and essay writing categories. However, whichever category I chose, I was immediately taken to a promotional page encouraging me to order a paper; not giving me indication of what subjects and topics they can write about. "Anything and everything" I suppose.

I noticed that the testimonials and reviews on the website were beaming with positive comments about the service. Later I found out that offers discounts and promo codes for students who leave a positive feedback on the website. Even though I couldn't find any concrete info about their staff, I decided to follow my friend's advice and submit my paper for writing. And here is my Papers lead review

Quality of service

What I received wasn't positive or professional. The paper was two hours late and full of mistakes. Some of the grammar and formatting errors suggested that the writer didn't even have a good grasp of English. My friend assured me that his paper was detailed and correct, so this was a weird thing to happen.

Customer support

While the customer service was kind enough to answer my questions about paper revisions, the operator knew nothing about the website of his own company! I asked simple questions about paper types and pricing models to which the operator simply referred me to the website stating that I can learn everything from there. It's kind of disappointing considering they call themselves a professional company.


While the prices are reasonable enough and fall into the "below average" category, I found the pricing system a bit weird. The prices themselves range from 10$ per page and up, but whenever I calculated my paper's expense, the number always seemed off and higher than it should have been. The good thing was that I noticed frequent 50% discounts so this wasn't such a big deal; all I had to do was time my order right. It still doesn't make the quality of the paper itself okay.


With reasonable prices and easy-to-use website, is a good option if you're willing to gamble on the quality of your paper. It seems that they use native-English writers for more complex papers while they use non-native-English writers for essays and high school writing. This is by no means wrong, but they should have a more thorough screening process when hiring their writers. My friend had a good experience with them while I didn't. When quality is in question, your chances are 50-50, so make up your own mind about